15 Inspiring 3 Bedroom 5th Wheel Floor Plans

Ready for a road trip? Discover 15 breathtaking 3 bedroom 5th wheel floor plans in our latest blog. Perfect for family vacations or full-time RVing!

Martin Cole // Expert in RV Living & Outdoor Adventure

Embarking on a journey to explore the open road calls for a comfortable and spacious home away from home. Enter the world of luxury fifth wheel campers, where innovative 3 bedroom floor plans combine style, functionality, and convenience to provide an unparalleled travel experience.

Ideal for families, retirees or full-time RVers alike – these stunning designs allow you to bring along all your loved ones without compromising on privacy and amenities.

Key Takeaways

  • 3 bedroom 5th wheel floor plans offer privacy, flexibility, and more storage space for families and groups.
  • Some of the top models on the market include Forest River Cedar Creek Silverback 37MBH, Heartland Bighorn Traveler 39FL, Keystone Montana High Country 384BR, Grand Design Reflection 367BHS, and Jayco Eagle 357MDOK.
  • Features to look for in a quality RV with a 3 bedroom floor plan include a spacious kitchen and dining area with modern appliances, comfortable living rooms with entertainment options like TVs or sound systems.

Advantages Of 3 Bedroom 5th Wheel Floor Plans

Families and groups can benefit from 3 bedroom 5th wheel floor plans, offering privacy and flexibility for everyone, as well as more storage options.

Ideal For Families And Groups

One of the greatest advantages of 3 bedroom 5th wheel floor plans is how well they cater to families and groups who want to make their on-the-road living experience as comfortable as possible.

With plenty of space for everyone, it’s no longer a challenge to fit all your loved ones, friends or even pets into one RV without feeling cramped or compromising privacy.

For example, picture a large family road trip with children eager to explore new places without leaving behind the comfort of home. A luxury fifth wheel camper featuring multiple bedrooms allows parents to retire in their private master suite after a long day on the road while kids settle down in bunk beds nearby.

Meanwhile, grandparents can enjoy some solitude in an additional separate sleeping area before joining back with the group for morning coffee around a free-standing dinette.

Privacy And Flexibility

One of the main advantages of 3 bedroom 5th wheel floor plans is the privacy and flexibility they offer. With multiple sleeping areas, families and groups can enjoy their own private space while still traveling together.

This is especially important for those who may need quiet time or separate sleeping arrangements.

For example, if you’re traveling with kids, having separate bedrooms allows everyone to have their own space and helps maintain a sense of routine and structure. If you’re hosting guests in your RV, having multiple bedrooms can provide them with added privacy during their stay.

Overall, when it comes to choosing your next RV adventure vehicle-Consider opting for a 3 bedroom 5th wheel floor plan to maximize your comfort by adding more privacy and flexibility!

More Storage Options

As someone who has spent a lot of time on the road, I can tell you that storage space is crucial in any RV or 5th wheel. And while it may seem like a challenge to find enough room for all your clothes, gear, and other essentials, many 3 bedroom 5th wheel floor plans offer ample storage options.

For example, some models have built-in cabinets and closets in each bedroom, as well as hidden compartments in living areas. Additionally, you’ll want to look for RVs with large exterior compartments for stowing outdoor equipment and extra supplies.

Top 5th Wheel Floor Plans With 3 Bedrooms

Here are five of the most impressive 3 bedroom 5th wheel floor plans on the market: Forest River Cedar Creek Silverback 37MBH, Heartland Bighorn Traveler 39FL, Keystone Montana High Country 384BR, Grand Design Reflection 367BHS, and Jayco Eagle 357MDOK.

Forest River Cedar Creek Silverback 37MBH

The Forest River Cedar Creek Silverback 37MBH is a top contender for those seeking a luxurious and spacious fifth wheel with three bedrooms. The master suite boasts a king-size bed, wardrobe, vanity space, and full bathroom.

The two additional bedrooms offer ample sleeping quarters and storage options for larger families or groups of friends traveling together. The main living area features an open-concept design with theater seating, entertainment center, fireplace, free-standing dinette table, large refrigerator option, pantry space and convenient kitchen island.

The Cedar Creek Silverback 37MBH offers plenty of high-end features that make it stand out from other RVs in its class such as soft close drawers on all cabinetry , washer-dryer hook ups if you chose to add this feature when ordering from the manufacturer .

This floor plan also comes standard with Wi-Fi prep.so you can stay connected while on the road.

Heartland Bighorn Traveler 39FL

One of the most popular 3 bedroom 5th wheel floor plans is the Heartland Bighorn Traveler 39FL. This luxurious camper offers plenty of space for families or groups, with a sleeping capacity of up to eight people.

The spacious living area boasts top-of-the-line entertainment amenities, including a large LED TV, sound system, and fireplace for cozy nights in. The kitchen comes fully equipped with stainless steel appliances, solid surface countertops, and even a residential-style pantry for added convenience.

Whether you’re hitting the road full-time or just looking for an upgrade to your family camping trips, the Heartland Bighorn Traveler 39FL offers comfort, luxury, and all-around livability that will make any on-the-road adventure unforgettable.

Keystone Montana High Country 384BR

I absolutely love the Keystone Montana High Country 384BR, and it’s not hard to see why. With three bedrooms and a spacious living area, this fifth wheel is perfect for families or groups of friends looking for comfort on the road.

The master bedroom has a king-size bed with plenty of storage space, while the two additional bedrooms have bunk beds and their own entertainment centers. The kitchen is fully equipped with stainless steel appliances, including a four-door refrigerator and an oven with a cooktop.

One feature that stands out in this floor plan is the large panoramic window in the living area that allows natural light to flood in and gives you breathtaking views of your surroundings wherever you go.

Additionally, there are theater seats facing the electric fireplace where you can cozy up during chilly evenings or rainy days.

Grand Design Reflection 367BHS

The Grand Design Reflection 367BHS is a perfect choice for families or groups of travelers seeking a luxurious and spacious on-the-road living experience. With three bedrooms, including a bunkhouse that can accommodate up to four people, this fifth wheel offers ample sleeping space for everyone.

The open concept living area boasts comfortable furniture and entertainment options, such as a fireplace, TV, and sound system. The kitchen has everything needed to cook delicious meals while on the road, including stainless steel appliances, solid surface countertops, and plenty of cabinet space.

For outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy spending time outside their RVs, the Grand Design Reflection 367BHS also includes many exterior amenities like an outdoor kitchen with gas grill hookup and large awning for shelter from the sun or rain.

Jayco Eagle 357MDOK

The Jayco Eagle 357MDOK is an excellent choice for families or groups of up to nine people. This fifth wheel comes with three separate bedrooms, including a large master bedroom with a queen-sized bed and ample storage space.

One of the other two bedrooms has bunk beds, while the other features a sofa bed that can easily convert into another sleeping area.

Aside from its bedroom options, this RV has plenty of appealing features to enhance your travel experience. The full-size kitchen boasts modern appliances and a center island with a double sink, making meal prep and cooking more comfortable than ever before.

You can also relax in the spacious living room with theater seats positioned across from an entertainment center equipped with a cozy fireplace and TV.

Features To Look For In A 3 Bedroom 5th Wheel

Look for a spacious kitchen and dining area with plenty of counter space, cabinets, and appliances to make meal preparation comfortable and enjoyable. The living room should offer ample seating options, entertainment equipment such as a TV or sound system, and storage spaces for books, games, or personal belongings.

Bedrooms should have comfortable mattresses and enough storage spaces for clothes and other items.

Spacious Kitchen And Dining Area

As any home cook knows, a spacious kitchen is a must for preparing delicious meals. When it comes to RV living, this is no exception. Look for 3 bedroom 5th wheel floor plans that offer ample counter space and storage options so you can whip up your favorite dishes with ease.

A dining area that comfortably seats everyone in your group is also important.

Some top models even come equipped with residential-style appliances like stainless steel ranges and French door refrigerators – perfect for those who love to cook up a storm! Whether you’re feeding the family or hosting dinner party on-the-go, a well-designed kitchen and dining area will make all the difference in your RV living experience.

Comfortable Living Room And Entertainment Options

One of the essential features in a 3 bedroom 5th wheel is a comfortable living room area where you and your family or group can relax after a long day of exploring.

Look for an RV with plush, cozy seating options, such as recliners or sofas. Additionally, consider entertainment options like television sets or sound systems to keep everyone entertained while inside.

Bathrooms And Sleeping Arrangements For Everyone

One of the most important aspects of a 3 bedroom 5th wheel floor plan is the availability of bathrooms and sleeping arrangements for everyone. This is especially crucial for families or groups that will be traveling together, as it ensures comfort and privacy for all members.

Look for RVs with multiple bathrooms or at least one bathroom with enough space and amenities to accommodate everyone’s needs.

In terms of sleeping arrangements, check if there are enough beds or pull-out couches that can comfortably fit each member of your group. Some 3 bedroom 5th wheel floor plans offer bunk beds, while others have spacious bedrooms with queen or king-sized beds.

Also, consider the location of each room to ensure adequate privacy and separation between family members or guests sharing the same space.

Exterior And Outdoor Amenities For A Well-rounded Experience

When it comes to RVing, the exterior and outdoor amenities are just as important as what’s inside. A well-rounded 3 bedroom 5th wheel should offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun and relaxation.

Look for features like large awnings, exterior speakers, and an outdoor kitchen setup with a grill or stovetop. Some models even come equipped with an outdoor entertainment center that includes a TV and sound system.

For those who enjoy spending time outside in nature, look for options with built-in bike racks or storage compartments specifically designed to store camping gear like hiking boots or fishing equipment.

And don’t forget about space for lounging – some models have fold-down patio decks or outdoor seating areas perfect for relaxing after a long day on the road.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect 3 Bedroom 5th Wheel

To make sure you end up with the ideal 3 bedroom 5th wheel, consider your needs, budget, and research options before making a purchase – check out our tips for more insider advice.

Determine Your Needs And Preferences

Before starting your search for the perfect 3 Bedroom 5th Wheel, it’s essential to determine what you’re looking for. Consider how many people will be traveling with you and what their sleeping arrangements should be like.

Do you need multiple bathrooms or a large kitchen? How much storage space is required? Take into account your budget and any special features that are important to you, such as outdoor entertainment areas or high-end appliances.

For example, if traveling with kids, choosing a floor plan with bunk beds might be a top priority. Alternatively, those who love entertaining guests while on the road would appreciate an open-concept living area.

Consider Your Budget

Before you begin your search for the perfect 3 bedroom 5th wheel floor plan, it’s important to consider your budget. Luxury fifth-wheel campers can come with a hefty price tag, so be realistic about what you want and how much you’re willing to spend.

For example, if outdoor amenities like a large awning or outdoor kitchen are a must-have, consider sacrificing some interior space in exchange for these features.

Researching RVs for sale online will give you an idea of the average prices of different models and brands. Keep in mind that there may also be additional expenses such as maintenance costs and campground fees.

Research And Compare Options

As you begin your search for the perfect 3 bedroom 5th wheel, it’s important to do your research and compare options. This ensures that you find an RV that meets your needs and preferences while staying within your budget.

There are many resources available online to help with this process, including RV forums, blogs, and review sites.

When comparing options, consider factors such as layout design, amenities, quality of construction, and customer reviews.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of sales staff or current owners about their experiences with specific models. Remember that the ideal 3 bedroom 5th wheel should not only fit your lifestyle but also provide comfort and functionality for everyone traveling with you on long road trips or extended stays at campsites.

Visit RV Shows And Dealerships For A Firsthand Look

Visiting RV shows and dealerships is an excellent way to get a firsthand look at the 3 bedroom 5th wheel floor plans you are interested in. This allows you to see the different models up close, compare features and amenities, and ask questions from knowledgeable salespeople.

RV shows offer a unique opportunity to tour multiple models side by side, giving you an idea of how each one feels inside. Dealerships provide more in-depth information on specific units they have in their inventory.

It’s essential to take note of what stands out or appeals most about each model so that you can make informed comparisons when making a decision.

Read Reviews And Ratings From Other RVers

As a seasoned RVer, I’ve learned that one of the best ways to choose the perfect 3 bedroom 5th wheel is by reading reviews and ratings from other RVers. These insights provide real-world experiences about what worked well and what didn’t.

It’s essential to look for patterns in the reviews rather than relying on one person’s experience. For example, if multiple people mention issues with the same feature or amenity, it may be worth considering before making a purchase.

Always take into account who is writing those reviews too! A full-time RVer or someone who only takes their RV out twice a year will have very different perspectives on what makes an excellent fifth wheel trailer.

Inspiring 3 Bedroom 5th Wheel Floor Plans

Discover 15 innovative floor plans with unique designs that creatively use space for maximum comfort and functionality in our inspiring collection of 3 Bedroom 5th Wheel Floor Plans.

From luxury fifth wheels to budget-friendly travel trailers, these RV interiors feature everything from rear kitchens to front bedrooms, making them perfect for couples or large families seeking a comfortable lifestyle on the road.

15 Innovative Floor Plans With Unique Designs

As an experienced RVer and outdoor enthusiast, I understand the importance of finding the perfect home on wheels. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of 15 innovative floor plans with unique designs that are sure to inspire your next RV adventure.

Take for example the Forest River Cedar Creek Silverback 37MBH, which features a beautiful rear kitchen layout complete with stainless steel appliances and ample counter space.

Or consider the Grand Design Reflection 367BHS, which boasts a cozy living area with theater seating and fireplace, perfect for relaxing after a long day exploring the great outdoors.

Creative Use Of Space For Maximum Comfort And Functionality

As someone who has spent plenty of time on the road, I know how important it is to maximize every inch of space in an RV. When it comes to 3 bedroom 5th wheel floor plans, some innovative designs have taken this concept to a whole new level.

For example, you may find bunk beds that fold up during the day to create more living space or hidden storage compartments under seats and stairs.

One inspiring example is the Grand Design Reflection 367BHS, which uses a rear build-out area as a private bunk room with its own bathroom and separate entrance.

This allows for additional privacy and flexibility within the unit without sacrificing much-needed storage or living areas in other parts of the trailer.

Inspiration For Customizations And DIY Modifications

As a seasoned RVer, I know firsthand how important it is to personalize your living space on the road. One of the joys of 3 bedroom 5th wheel floor plans is the potential for customization and DIY modifications.

One great example is converting a den or office area into a fourth bedroom. With some creative thinking and carpentry skills, you can transform this space into an additional sleeping quarters without sacrificing functionality.

Another idea is to install solar panels on the roof for sustainable energy while boondocking in remote areas.


If you’re looking for a 5th wheel with ample space for your family or group, then a 3 bedroom floor plan might be just what you need. From luxury to practicality, there are plenty of options out there that can cater to your specific needs and preferences.

Whether you’re interested in open-concept living, innovative designs, or spacious sleeping arrangements – there’s something for everyone. By considering your budget and researching different models available on the market today, you can find the perfect RV that fits both your lifestyle and wallet.


1. What are the benefits of a 3 bedroom 5th wheel floor plan?

A 3 bedroom 5th wheel floor plan provides ample space for families or groups to comfortably sleep and live during extended trips. It also offers privacy for individuals who might need their own designated room.

2. Can a 3 bedroom 5th wheel be customized to fit my specific needs?

Yes, many manufacturers offer customization options for their RVs, including the ability to change the layout and add or remove features as needed.

3. Is it possible to tow a 3 bedroom 5th wheel with a standard truck?

It depends on the weight of the RV and the towing capacity of the truck being used. It is important to consult with a professional in order to determine if your vehicle can safely handle towing an RV of this size.

4. Are there any maintenance tips specific to owning a large RV like a 3 bedroom fifth wheel?

To keep your fifth wheel in good condition, it’s important to regularly inspect all components such as tires, brakes, electrical systems and plumbing fixtures at least once every six months or after returning from extended periods of travel. Additionally – regular cleaning & upkeep helps prevent wear & tear over time while preventing larger repair bills down road due neglectful practices towards upkeep requirements dictated by manufacturer guidelines/manuals provided upon purchase/lease agreements signed when taking delivery on new vehicles purchased through dealerships etc.

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