21 Fifth Wheels with Loft for Extra Living Space on Your Journey

Make your RV experience even better with these amazing fifth wheels featuring stylish lofts for extra comfort. Check out our list of top picks and start exploring today!

Martin Cole // Expert in RV Living & Outdoor Adventure

Enter the world of fifth wheels with lofts! These innovative designs not only enhance your on-the-road living experience; they also provide extra living and sleeping spaces for families, retirees, and full-time RVers alike.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to 21 incredible fifth wheel models that feature smartly-designed loft spaces for added convenience and luxury.

Key Takeaways

  • Fifth wheels with lofts offer extra living and sleeping spaces for families, retirees, and full-time RVers alike.
  • Top models include the Keystone Montana High Country 385BR, Grand Design Solitude 380FL, Jayco North Point 387FBTS, DRV Mobile Suites 38RLSB3 and Forest River Sabre 36BHQ among others.
  • Features of these fifth wheels include private bathrooms, high-end appliances such as refrigerators/freezers and dishwashers, comfortable furniture like theater seating and tri-fold sleeper sofas plus amenities such as electric fireplaces and large LED TVs.
  • With a loft overseeing the unit’s main living area or at opposite ends of the fifth wheel providing additional privacy for kids or guests in case separate sleeping quarters are needed without taking up valuable floor space while offering functionality coupled with stylish features.

Top 21 Fifth Wheels With Lofts For Extra Living Space

Discover the top 21 fifth wheel RVs with lofts that provide you with extra living space, including luxury models from Keystone and Grand Design as well as family-oriented bunkhouse models.

Keystone Montana High Country 385BR

As an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys the luxury of extra living space on my journey, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the Keystone Montana High Country 385BR. This fifth wheel offers a unique combination of a bonus room and a loft for additional sleeping quarters, making it perfect for trips with friends or family members.

The functionality of this model does not compromise its stylish features either. With taller ceilings and larger cabinets than most extended-stay fifth wheels, everyone feels comfortable in our home away from home.

Plus, having that cozy loft area provides some much-needed privacy and relaxation after long days spent exploring nature’s wonders together.

Forest River Sabre 36BHQ

If you’re a family or group of friends looking for an RV with extra living space, try the Forest River Sabre 36BHQ. This fifth wheel features a private bunkhouse with double-over-double bunks and a loft area above, providing ample sleeping space for up to eight people.

The main living area includes theater seating and an entertainment center that can be enjoyed by all members of your crew.

Grand Design Solitude 380FL

One of the most popular extended stay fifth wheels ever built, the Grand Design Solitude 380FL is a fantastic option for outdoor enthusiasts seeking extra living space on their journey.

With five slides and a front living room area that features theatre seating, this well-designed fifth wheel can comfortably sleep up to six people. The bedroom in the rear comes with a queen bed, while the loft provides additional sleeping space for guests or children.

Jayco North Point 387FBTS

The Jayco North Point 387FBTS is an exceptional fifth wheel RV for those who want luxury and space. The front bedroom comes with its own bathroom that includes a shower, toilet, and sink.

One of the standout features of this fifth wheel is the enormous kitchen island right in the center of everything. It has plenty of counter space for food prep and cooking while also including a double-basin sink as well as a high-rise faucet with an integrated pull-out sprayer.

Heartland Bighorn 3970RD

The Heartland Bighorn 3970RD is the perfect fifth wheel for family RV trips, offering plenty of extra living space and luxurious amenities.

With a spacious front living area complete with theater seating and fireplace, this fifth wheel also offers an additional rear den space, providing ample room for everyone to spread out.

DRV Mobile Suites 38RLSB3

The DRV Mobile Suites 38RLSB3 is a luxurious fifth wheel that offers an excellent on-the-road living experience for couples or small families. With its spacious interior, including a loft area and private bedroom, it can comfortably accommodate up to four people.

This model features a spa-like bathroom with a full-size shower and dual vanities, perfect for those who want to unwind after a long day of travel. Additionally, the kitchen comes equipped with high-end appliances like a residential-sized refrigerator and dishwasher.

The exterior also boasts impressive features such as hydraulic leveling jacks and electric awnings that make setting up camp easy and convenient.

Crossroads Redwood 3901MB

The Crossroads Redwood 3901MB is a luxurious fifth wheel RV designed for those seeking an elevated on-the-road experience. This family-friendly model offers a spacious loft above the living area that can be accessed by a sturdy ladder, making it ideal as an additional sleeping space or private lounge area.

The bunkhouse style bedroom on the opposite end of the unit provides even more privacy, with two queen bunks and convenient storage options for clothing and personal items.

Dutchmen Voltage 3635

The Dutchmen Voltage 3635 is another fifth wheel with a loft that provides extra living space for families and full-time RVers. With an impressive list of features, this camper van is perfect for those who crave luxury while on the road.

The floor plan includes three slide outs, which help to maximize interior space in the living area and bedroom. The kitchen features solid surface countertops, stainless steel appliances, and plenty of storage space for all your cooking essentials.

Additionally, the spacious spa bathroom includes a shower with glass doors and porcelain foot flush toilet. For sleeping arrangements, there’s a comfortable queen bed in the front master suite as well as two additional beds in the double lofts located at both ends of this stylish camper van.

Prime Time Crusader 340RST

The Prime Time Crusader 340RST is a luxurious fifth wheel RV perfect for those seeking enhanced on-the-road living experience. This model features a private sleeping quarters loft, trifold sleeper sofa in the front living area, and spacious kitchen appliances.

The three slide-outs in this fifth wheel create an open floor plan with plenty of extra space for hosting guests or just relaxing with family.

Additionally, the Crusader 340RST provides ample storage throughout the entire RV.

KZ Durango Gold G386FLF

The KZ Durango Gold G386FLF is one of the best fifth wheels with a loft for extra living space. With seating for six people in the front living area, this RV offers luxurious amenities like an electric fireplace, leather theater seats and a huge TV perfect for movie nights or entertaining guests.

The built-in desk also makes it easy to work from your on-the-road home. In addition to its spacious interior, the KZ Durango Gold G386FLF features a large kitchen with stainless steel appliances and plenty of storage space for utensils and cookware.

Coachmen Chaparral 370FL

The Coachmen Chaparral 370FL is one of the top fifth wheel RVs with a loft for extra living space. With its front living room design, it offers plenty of seating area and entertainment options, including a fireplace and TV.

The Chaparral also features a spacious kitchen with stainless steel appliances, ample storage space, and lots of counter space for meal prepping. Additionally, this fifth wheel has two queen-size sleeper sofas in the rear bedroom and two lofts providing sleeping spaces that are perfect for hosting guests or accommodating family members.

Palomino Columbus Compass 377MB

The Palomino Columbus Compass 377MB is one of the top fifth wheel RVs for families seeking extra living space on the road. This luxurious model features a second bedroom with an overhead loft and trundle bed, accommodating up to nine people comfortably.

The main living area includes theater seating, a tri-fold sofa sleeper, and an entertainment center with a fireplace, perfect for those cozy evenings in. Plus, there’s no need to worry about storage as this model offers ample space throughout including several wardrobes and cabinets along with an outdoor kitchen.

Highland Ridge Open Range 376FBH

The Highland Ridge Open Range 376FBH is a fantastic option for families looking for extra living space on their journey. This fifth wheel RV features a loft that overlooks the front of the unit, providing additional sleeping and lounging areas.

The main bedroom also features a queen-size bed and plenty of storage space.

One standout feature of this model is its spa-like bathroom with a beautiful glass shower enclosure and porcelain toilet. Other amenities include a fireplace in the living area, stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, and an outdoor kitchen with fridge and sink.

Keystone Cougar 367FLS

The Keystone Cougar 367FLS is a popular fifth wheel travel trailer with a spacious front living area and loft providing extra sleeping quarters. This luxurious model boasts an impressive list of features, including a fireplace, theater seating, and large flat-screen TV.

The kitchen is fully equipped with stainless steel appliances, solid surface countertops, and ample storage space. With its double slide outs in the bedroom area, it provides enough space for comfortable living on the road.

Winnebago Micro Minnie 2405RL

The Winnebago Micro Minnie 2405RL is a great option for those looking for a smaller fifth wheel camper with extra living space. With its clever design, this RV maximizes the use of every inch of space.

It features a trifold sleeper sofa, giving you additional sleeping options for guests without sacrificing valuable living area. The loft above provides even more room to relax or store gear, while the queen-size bed in the back gives you privacy and comfort at night.

Plus, with amenities like a full kitchen and bathroom, as well as entertainment systems, you’ll feel right at home on your travels.

Forest River Salem Hemisphere 378FL

The Forest River Salem Hemisphere 378FL is another excellent fifth wheel with a loft that provides extra living space for your journey. This family RV features separate private sleeping quarters, additional storage space, and fantastic kitchen appliances to make your stay more comfortable.

Furthermore, this fifth wheel features luxurious spa bathrooms with high-end finishes and unique design elements. These amenities provide you with a hotel-like experience on the road.

Jayco Eagle HT 30.5MLOK

Another great option on our list of fifth wheels with lofts is the Jayco Eagle HT 30.5MLOK. This model features a spacious loft area with additional sleeping space and a private bedroom, making it perfect for families or couples who enjoy hosting guests on their travels.

The living area boasts an entertainment center and comfortable seating, while the kitchen includes all the necessary appliances to make delicious meals on the road.

Outdoors RV Timber Ridge 290RLS

The Outdoors RV Timber Ridge 290RLS is an excellent fifth wheel for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a comfortable and spacious living experience on the road. This RV comes with a loft that provides extra sleeping space, making it ideal for families or hosting guests.

The well-designed interior features plenty of storage options to accommodate all your gear.

In addition, this fifth wheel has luxurious spa bathrooms that feature large showers and ample counter space, adding to its overall comfort level.

Grand Design Reflection 31MB

The Grand Design Reflection 31MB is a fantastic choice for families looking for an extra living space on their RV journey. This fifth wheel features a unique U-shaped dinette in the loft that can be converted into additional sleeping quarters, making it perfect for hosting guests comfortably.

The main living area boasts theatre seating and a large TV, while the kitchen comes fully equipped with kitchen appliances and ample storage space to prepare delicious meals on-the-go.

Families can also enjoy privacy in the separate bedroom, which includes a queen bed, wardrobe closet, and dresser drawers.

Additionally, the bathroom of this fifth wheel camper features radius shower design with skylight overhead that gives you more headroom while taking your bath or showering.

Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite 2441WS

The Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite 2441WS is a great option for those seeking a small fifth wheel camper with extra amenities. With its trifold sleeper sofa and private bedroom, this RV can sleep up to four people comfortably.

The aim of the 2442BS floor plan is to maximize space in the bedroom and bathroom.

This RV also features an outdoor kitchen and entertainment system, perfect for hosting guests or enjoying meals under the stars. Its lightweight design makes it easy to tow on any adventure without compromising on luxury amenities.

Gulf Stream Kingsport Ultra Lite 255RB

The Gulf Stream Kingsport Ultra Lite 255RB is a perfect fifth wheel camper for couples or small families seeking adventure on the road. With its lightweight construction and aerodynamic profile, this RV is easy to tow and maneuver.

Additionally, this fifth wheel includes a private bedroom with a queen bed and ample storage space for all your belongings. The bathroom features a shower stall, sink, toilet, and plenty of storage cabinets.

Key Features And Amenities

These fifth wheels with lofts offer key features and amenities including loft space for extra living area, private sleeping quarters, additional storage space, kitchen appliances, and entertainment systems.

Loft Space For Extra Living Area

Loft space can be a lifesaver for families or full-time RVers looking for extra living area. A loft is essentially an elevated platform that gives you more room to spread out and relax in your fifth wheel.

With a loft, you have the luxury of having additional sleeping quarters, storage space, and even office space when working remotely. Take for example the Keystone Montana High Country 385BR which features both a bonus room and a loft with extra sleeping space, making it one of the best fifth wheels on the market today.

Private Sleeping Quarters

As someone who has traveled extensively in a fifth wheel, I can attest to the importance of private sleeping quarters. Whether you’re on a family vacation or embarking on a solo adventure, having your own space to unwind and relax is essential.

Many of the top fifth wheels with lofts for extra living space also feature private bedrooms that are separate from the main living area. For example, the Heartland Bighorn 3970RD has a master suite with both a king-sized bed and an optional washer/dryer hookup.

Similarly, the Crossroads Redwood 3901MB features an upstairs loft with its own bedroom that includes a queen-sized bed and additional storage space.

Additional Storage Space

As an experienced outdoor enthusiast and travel lover, I understand the importance of having enough storage space in my fifth wheel RV to accommodate all my belongings.

For instance, the Heartland Bighorn 3970RD has a large pantry area in its kitchen and even features a slide-out island that offers more counter space.

The DRV Mobile Suites 38RLSB3 takes it up a notch with full extension drawer guides and huge closet areas that can store clothes and other items neatly.

And if you’re looking for smaller fifth wheel campers with ample storage space, then check out the Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite 2441WS which is designed to maximize living quarters by adding convenient built-in shelving units throughout the unit.

Kitchen Appliances And Entertainment Systems

When it comes to fifth wheels with lofts, having access to a fully equipped kitchen and top-notch entertainment systems can make all the difference in your journey.

Many of these luxury RVs come with appliances such as refrigerators, stovetops, ovens, and microwaves that allow you to cook meals just like at home.

Entertainment-wise, most Fifth Wheels come with flat-screen TVs and state-of-the-art sound systems so that you don’t have to miss out on your favorite shows or movies while on the road.

Some models may also have built-in fireplaces or DVD players for added convenience.


In conclusion, if you’re someone who loves to hit the road and explore new places with comfort and style, a fifth wheel RV with a loft is the way to go. Whether you’re traveling solo or with your family, these units offer plenty of space for living, sleeping, and storage.

And thanks to their diverse features and amenities – including trifold sleeper sofas, spa bathrooms, and luxurious front living rooms – they provide an on-the-road experience that’s second-to-none.


1. What is a fifth wheel with a loft and how does it provide extra living space?

A fifth wheel with a loft is an RV that has an additional elevated area, usually accessed by ladder or stairs, which provides additional living space for sleeping, storage or entertainment purposes. This can be especially useful for families who need separate areas to accommodate everyone on the trip.

2. What are some benefits of owning a fifth wheel with a loft?

A fifth wheel with a loft provides several advantages including increased space to accommodate more people, added privacy for family members and guests, ample storage options and increased resale value as compared to traditional travel trailers.

3. Do all fifth wheels come with lofts?

No, not all fifth wheels include lofts; these features are commonly found in newer models designed specifically for large groups or families travelling together.

4. How do I choose the right Fifth Wheel With Loft For my travels?

When choosing the ideal Fifth Wheel With Loft, there are several factors to consider such as your planned destinations, budget constraints and size requirements necessary to comfortably accommodate your group’s needs while traveling on lengthy journeys.

Additionally – you should research specific makes/models prior purchase in order compare pros/cons while determining what amenities/features would best meet individual expectations/preferences during travel season (i.e., outdoor kitchenette vs indoor grill area). Consultation from fellow travellers experienced in purchasing similar vacation rentals could also be helpful when making comparisons between various units available!

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