About Me

Martin Cole – Expert in RV Living and Outdoor Adventure

Born in Detroit, Michigan, to a family of metal workers, Martin Cole has built a life rich in experiences and expertise. Growing up in a home that valued hard work and hands-on skills, Martin’s fascination with the transformative power of fire started from a young age, whether it was observing his father shape metal or his mother masterfully controlling the stove to create culinary delights.

This intrigue led him down a path of exploration and learning, often pushing boundaries to satisfy his curiosity. The tenacity and bravery inherent to his personality eventually led him to serve a four-year term in the Army National Guard, solidifying his discipline and resilience.

Post-military life saw Martin embarking on an academic journey in college, but his true calling lay elsewhere. Eventually, he returned to his roots, joining his father and grandfather in their metalworking craft within the automotive industry. His diligent nature and pride in his work are a testament to his commitment and skills, and they continue to shine through in his professional life.

Yet, Martin’s interests extend beyond metalworking and into the world of gastronomy. He holds a deep appreciation for culinary exploration, particularly of French cuisine and wine, illustrating his openness to new experiences and cultures.

Possibly his most passionate pursuit is RV living and outdoor adventuring, a love born out of his yearning for exploration and his connection with nature. Martin’s extensive experience and knowledge of full-time RV living and outdoor activities have led him to develop invaluable tips, tricks, and hacks for others who share his love for the great outdoors.

Today, Martin’s mission is to equip those interested in RV living and camping with the essential know-how and advice to fully appreciate and navigate these experiences. His expertise is built upon a solid foundation of hands-on experiences, creating an authoritative and trustworthy source of information for the RV and camping community.

Whether it’s exploring new terrains or tasting novel cuisines, Martin’s journey is a testament to a life lived fully through continuous learning and adventure, reflecting the qualities of a true expert, authoritative figure, and trusted guide in the realm of RV living and outdoor adventuring.