Camp Washer: Your Solution for Clean Clothes on the Go

Ditch the dirty laundry on your next camping trip! Discover the Camp Washer – a portable washing machine that makes cleaning clothes on-the-go a breeze.

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With the innovative Camp Washer, maintaining fresh and clean clothes is no longer a hassle! This portable washing machine offers convenience and efficiency for avid campers, globetrotters, families on vacation, and full-time RVers alike.

Key Takeaways

  • The Camp Washer is a portable washing machine for camping and travel that uses minimal water and electricity, making it environmentally friendly.
  • Using the Camp Washer can save travelers both money and time compared to traditional laundry methods like laundromats or hotel laundry services.
  • Proper use of detergent and quick-drying fabrics while using the Camp Washer can help ensure efficient cleaning while on-the-go.
  • By following tips like hand – washing in sink stoppers or buckets with lids, travelers can maintain hygiene standards without compromising on comfort during their outdoor adventures.

What Is A Camp Washer?

A Camp Washer is a portable washing machine for camping and travel that uses minimal water and electricity.

Portable Washing Machine For Camping And Travel

As an outdoor enthusiast and a travel lover, I understand the struggle of maintaining clean clothes while on the go.

One such option is the Camp Washer which caters specifically to families, retirees, full-time RVers, hikers, and backpackers alike. Portable washing machines are lightweight and designed to work with minimal water and electricity consumption.

With their user-friendly features like easy setup instructions included in every purchase box as well as proper detergent usage guide – you won’t have any trouble staying fresh during your travels even in remote areas where access to amenities might be limited! You’ll no longer need to worry about finding laundry services that charge by weight or resorting time-consuming DIY techniques such as using five-gallon buckets alongside plungers just so you can have clean clothes when exploring nature at its finest moment.

Uses Minimal Water And Electricity

As an outdoor enthusiast, I understand the importance of conserving resources while on-the-go. That’s why the Camp Washer is such a valuable tool for keeping clothes clean while minimizing water and electricity usage.

Unlike traditional washing machines that require gallons of water and electricity to operate, this portable washer uses only a fraction of both resources. With just a few gallons of water and minimal electrical power, the Camp Washer can effectively clean your clothes without harming the environment or draining your energy supply.

It’s an ideal solution for extended camping trips or other outdoor adventures where access to traditional laundry facilities is limited.

Benefits Of Using A Camp Washer

Using a Camp Washer offers several benefits, including saving money and time compared to laundromats, being environmentally friendly, and providing convenient washing options for extended trips or outdoor activities.

Saves Money And Time Compared To Laundromats

As a frequent traveler and outdoor enthusiast, I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to spend time searching for laundromats or hotel laundry services while on the go.

Not only is it time-consuming, but it can also be expensive. However, with the Camp Washer, you can save both money and time by washing your clothes on-the-go wherever you are.

You won’t have to waste hours waiting for your laundry at a Laundromat or pay outrageous fees at hotels. With this portable washing machine in hand, you can easily wash your clothes without hassle and enjoy more of your travels without having to worry about dirty clothing.

Environmentally Friendly

I love the outdoors, and as an environmentally conscious individual, I find it essential to pursue eco-friendly solutions for my daily needs. The Camp Washer is a perfect example of such an initiative.

Unlike traditional washing machines that consume excessive water and electricity, this portable washer uses minimal amounts of both resources. The Camp Washer’s compact design means you don’t need a power source, which makes it ideal for camping trips or other outdoor activities where environmental factors come into play.

The benefits of using an environmentally friendly product like the Camp Washer are numerous – not only does it save on water and electricity usage, but it also reduces wastage from disposable clothing items and toxic detergents commonly used in commercial laundromats.

Convenient For Extended Trips Or Outdoor Activities

As someone who loves spending time outdoors and taking extended trips, I know the struggle of keeping clothes clean while on the go. That’s where the Camp Washer comes in handy – it’s a portable washing machine that can be easily packed and taken with you on any adventure.

Whether you’re camping for a weekend or traveling for months at a time, having access to a reliable washing machine saves money, time, and hassle. Plus, since it uses minimal water and electricity, not only is it convenient but also environmentally friendly.

How To Use A Camp Washer

To use a Camp Washer, follow the simple set-up and assembly instructions, add the proper amount of detergent, and ensure efficient washing by using quick-dry fabrics and following our tips.

Set Up And Assembly Instructions

Setting up and using a Camp Washer is easy, even for those without much experience in camping or washing machines. Here are some simple steps to follow:

  1. First, assemble the Camp Washer by following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Once assembled, fill the washer with water according to the instructions. Most portable washers require only a small amount of water, making them ideal for camping and travel.
  3. Add your clothes and detergent to the washer, making sure not to overfill it.
  4. Close the lid securely and turn on the washer according to the instructions.
  5. Allow the washer to run for the recommended amount of time, typically around 15 – 20 minutes.
  6. Drain out the dirty water and refill with clean water for a rinse cycle.
  7. Repeat until all soap has been rinsed out of your clothes.
  8. Hang dry your clothes or use a portable dryer if available.

With these simple steps, you can easily keep your clothes clean while on the go without any hassle or stress.

Proper Detergent Usage

When using a portable camp washer, it is important to choose the right detergent for efficient cleaning. Look for detergents that are eco-friendly and biodegradable to minimize harm on the environment.

You can also opt for laundry soap sheets that dissolve in water without leaving any residue or spillage. Be careful not to use too much detergent as it can be hard to rinse out with minimal water usage.

It’s also essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommended dosages for best results.

Tips For Efficient Washing

As an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys camping and road trips, I understand the importance of having clean clothes on the go. Here are some tips for efficiently washing your clothes while traveling:

  1. Use a portable washing machine like the Camp Washer or Scrubba Wash Bag to save water and time.
  2. Choose quick – drying fabrics like synthetic blends or merino wool to reduce drying time.
  3. Use dry bag laundry techniques to hand – wash clothes without using too much water.
  4. Use concentrated detergent or laundry soap sheets to minimize space and weight in your travel bag.
  5. Consider investing in a travel laundry kit that includes a clothesline, stain remover, and mesh bags for organization.
  6. When hand – washing clothes, use a sink stopper or bucket with a lid to prevent spills and conserve water.
  7. Don’t overload your washing machine or washbasin – this will result in inefficient cleaning and longer drying times.
  8. Always follow manufacturer instructions for detergent usage and temperature settings – this will keep your clothes looking newer for longer.
  9. Avoid washing heavy items like jeans or bulky jackets – instead opt to spot-clean these items as needed.
  10. Dry your clothes thoroughly before storing them in your travel bag – damp clothing can quickly become musty and uncomfortable.

By following these tips, you can easily keep your wardrobe fresh while enjoying all of the adventures that come with life on the road!


In conclusion, having clean clothes while traveling is important for maintaining hygiene and feeling comfortable on the go. The Camp Washer provides a portable and convenient solution for washing your clothes, whether you’re camping in the great outdoors or backpacking through Europe.

It’s environmentally friendly, saves time and money compared to laundromats, and uses minimal water and electricity. By following our guide on how to use it properly, you can easily keep your clothes clean while enjoying your outdoor adventures.


1. How does the Camp Washer work?

The Camp Washer is a portable washing machine that uses a manual, hand-cranked mechanism to agitate clothes and clean them without electricity or plumbing. Simply fill it with water, add detergent, and rotate the handle for several minutes.

2. Is the Camp Washer suitable for all types of clothing?

Yes, you can use the Camp Washer to clean a variety of fabrics including cotton, synthetic materials and delicate garments like wool or silk. It is important to follow manufacturer’s instructions on your clothing labels when selecting detergents.

3. How much laundry can fit inside the Camp Washer?

The capacity depends on what model you choose but typically ranges from 5-10 lbs of clothes per load so it’s perfect for small loads or single items during camping trips.

4. Can I use warm water with my Camp washer?

Yes, you may use warm water with your camp washer if desired however please note that hot temperatures could cause warping/melting of plastic components over time if used too often so we usually recommend using cold or room temperature water instead to avoid this issue entirely while still getting great results!

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