RV Outdoor Kitchen Hacks: Clever Tips for Outdoor Cooking

Revamp your RV outdoor kitchen with these smart hacks! From space-saving storage to compact accessories, discover clever tips for effortless campsite cooking.

Martin Cole // Expert in RV Living & Outdoor Adventure

Embracing the freedom of the open road while surrounded by nature is an unmatched experience, and having a well-organized RV outdoor kitchen makes it all the more enjoyable.

With limited space in your mobile home-away-from-home, maximizing efficiency and functionality becomes essential to whipping up tasty meals on your adventures.

Read on to discover clever tips and eco-friendly hacks for enhancing your RV cooking experience, from storage solutions to must-have compact accessories.

Key Takeaways

  • Having an RV outdoor kitchen offers benefits such as enjoying nature while cooking, saving money on meals, and having more cooking options available.
  • To make the most of your RV outdoor kitchen, use multi-purpose cookware and utensils, try non-stick cooking spray for easy clean-up, create a dedicated cooking station with storage solutions to keep utensils and supplies organized, add extra lighting for night-time cooking, and have essential accessories such as portable grills and stoves.
  • Organizing your RV kitchen space is key to avoiding frustrations. Install hanging storage solutions like hooks or magnetic strips; use drawer organizers; invest in stackable cookware; store food in airtight containers; label everything; designate a cleaning station to keep your RV kitchen tidy.

Benefits Of Having An RV Outdoor Kitchen

Having an RV outdoor kitchen offers several benefits, including the ability to enjoy cooking while surrounded by nature, save money on meals by preparing your own food, and have more cooking options available compared to relying solely on campfire cooking.

Enjoy The Great Outdoors While Cooking

There’s nothing quite like basking in the beauty of nature while preparing a meal for your loved ones. With an RV outdoor kitchen, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – cooking up delicious dishes while soaking in breathtaking views and fresh air.

Imagine grilling scrumptious skewers under a canopy of stars or flipping pancakes with birdsong as your morning soundtrack. The sensory experience is undeniably enhanced when cooking outside, making mealtimes even more memorable during camping trips.

With an RV outdoor kitchen in tow, meals become less about sustenance and more about bonding with family and friends amid stunning surroundings.

Save Money On Meals

One of the biggest benefits of having an RV outdoor kitchen is that it can save you money on meals. Eating out at restaurants every day can quickly add up, especially if you’re traveling for an extended period.

By cooking your own meals in your RV kitchen, you will be able to avoid these costs and enjoy more delicious home-cooked dishes without breaking the bank.

Plus, buying groceries from a local store or farmer’s market allows you to support small businesses and try new foods that may not be available back home.

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More Cooking Options Available

With an RV outdoor kitchen, you have more cooking options available to you than just relying solely on the indoor kitchen. You can take advantage of the beautiful outdoors by grilling up some burgers or cooking a hearty breakfast on a portable stove.

Additionally, with the opportunity to cook outside, you won’t be restricted in terms of smells and smoke inside your RV. You can even try new foods and cuisines that require specific equipment, like smoking meats or using a cast-iron skillet on an open flame.

Tips For Easier Cooking In Your RV Outdoor Kitchen

Use multi-purpose cookware and utensils to save space. Try non-stick cooking spray for easy cleanup. Create a dedicated cooking station by using portable tables or countertop extensions.

Organize utensils and supplies with storage solutions like hanging racks or magnetic strips.

Use Multi-Purpose Cookware And Utensils

One of my favorite hacks for RV outdoor cooking is to use multi-purpose cookware and utensils. Not only does this save precious space in your RV kitchen, but it also helps you pack lighter for your camping trip. Here are some examples of multi-purpose cookware and utensils that I recommend:

  • Cast Iron Skillet: A cast iron skillet is perfect for cooking everything from pancakes to burgers to stir-frys. It can be used on the stovetop or over a campfire, making it a versatile option for outdoor cooking.
  • Dutch Oven: A Dutch oven can be used for baking bread, making stews, roasting vegetables, and even frying chicken. It’s a must-have for any serious camper.
  • Kitchen Shears: Instead of packing separate scissors and knives, opt for a good pair of kitchen shears that can handle both tasks.
  • Collapsible Strainer: This handy tool takes up minimal space in your RV kitchen but can still strain pasta, rinse vegetables, and drain canned goods.

By using multi-purpose cookware and utensils like these, you’ll have everything you need to whip up delicious meals without taking up too much space in your RV kitchen.

Try Non-Stick Cooking Spray

One of the easiest ways to make cooking in your RV outdoor kitchen hassle-free is to use non-stick cooking spray. Not only does it help prevent food from sticking and burning, but it also makes clean up a breeze.

With limited space for washing dishes, using non-stick cooking spray can save you time and effort in cleaning up after meals.

For example, when making scrambled eggs on your RV stove top, simply coat the pan with non-stick cooking spray before adding the eggs. The result is perfectly cooked eggs that won’t stick to the pan – no scraping necessary! And when you’re done eating, just wipe down the pan with a paper towel instead of having to scrub away stuck-on egg bits.

Create A Dedicated Cooking Station

One of the keys to successful cooking in an RV outdoor kitchen is having a dedicated space for meal prep and cooking. This can be accomplished by using a folding table or countertop extension that can easily be stored when not in use.

Additionally, consider adding hooks or shelves to keep utensils and supplies within easy reach and free up counter space. You may also want to invest in a non-slip mat or tray to keep everything securely in place while cooking on the go.

According to our [IMPORTANT FACTS], some RVs offer both indoor and outdoor kitchens with plenty of storage options. However, if your RV does not come with designated kitchen spaces, there are plenty of hacks that can help maximize your small kitchen area! For example, try using wall-mounted baskets or suction cup organizers for extra storage without taking up valuable counter space.

Investing in compact cookware sets designed specifically for RV use can also make it easier to store all necessary items neatly in one location.

Organize Utensils And Supplies

When you’re on the road, organizing your RV kitchen space is key to avoiding frustrations. Here are some tips for keeping your utensils and supplies in order:

  1. Install Hanging Storage Solutions: Use hooks or magnetic strips to hang frequently used utensils, like spatulas, tongs, and ladles.
  2. Use Drawer Organizers: Keep utensils and smaller items organized with drawer organizers. This will prevent them from rolling around while driving.
  3. Invest in Stackable Cookware: Stackable cookware takes up less space in cupboards than traditional cookware sets.
  4. Store Food in Airtight Containers: Use airtight containers to store bulk food items like rice, pasta, and snacks. These can be stacked on shelves or tucked away in cabinets.
  5. Label Everything: Labelling your storage containers and drawers makes it easier to find what you need quickly.
  6. Designate a Cleaning Station: Set aside a designated area for washing dishes and cleaning utensils so that everything is easy to find when you need it.

By implementing these simple organizational strategies, you’ll keep your RV kitchen tidy and reduce the stress of meal preparation on-the-go.

Add Extra Lighting For Night-Time Cooking

I can’t stress enough the importance of adding extra lighting for night-time cooking in your RV outdoor kitchen. Whether you’re grilling up some burgers or preparing a hearty stew, adequate illumination is crucial to ensure that your meals are cooked perfectly and safely.

You could consider investing in LED lights with dimmer switches, which will let you adjust the brightness as needed.

Not only does extra lighting improve your cooking experience, but it also enhances safety by illuminating any potential tripping hazards around your RV campsite at night.

Plus, many RVers prefer to eat dinner outside their rigs on warm summer nights, and good quality lighting enables them to enjoy their meal without worrying about not being able to see what they’re eating or who they’re dining with.

Must-Have Accessories For Your RV Outdoor Kitchen

There are several essential accessories you should have for your RV outdoor kitchen, including portable grills and stoves, cooler and freezer options, campfire cooking gear, kitchen utensils and cookware, as well as eco-friendly alternatives.

Portable Grills And Stoves

I personally love having a portable grill or stove for my RV outdoor kitchen. It gives me more flexibility with my cooking options and allows me to prepare meals anywhere, anytime. Here are some of my favorite portable grills and stoves that you should consider for your RV:

  1. Weber Q1000 Portable Gas Grill – This compact grill packs a punch with its powerful burner system and porcelain-enameled cast iron grates. It’s perfect for those who love to grill on the go.
  2. Coleman Classic Propane Stove – The Coleman Classic Propane Stove is an affordable option for those who need a reliable portable stove. It features two burners and can accommodate pots and pans up to 10 inches in diameter.
  3. Blackstone Tailgater Portable Gas Grill and Griddle Combo – This versatile grill and griddle combo is perfect for outdoor cooking enthusiasts who want the best of both worlds. With its adjustable legs, it can be set up on any terrain and provides ample cooking space.
  4. Camp Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove – Built with durability in mind, this rugged double burner stove is perfect for large families or groups of friends traveling together in an RV. Its detachable legs make it easy to transport, while its high BTU output ensures fast and efficient cooking.
  5. BioLite FirePit++ – If you’re looking for a unique way to cook outdoors, consider the BioLite FirePit+. This innovative device combines a smokeless fire pit with a portable grill, allowing you to cook over wood or charcoal while enjoying the ambiance of a campfire.

No matter which portable grill or stove you choose, make sure it fits your specific needs and lifestyle as an RVer. Happy cooking!

Cooler And Freezer Options

Keeping food and drinks cold is a critical part of any successful camping trip. Here are some of my favorite cooler and freezer options for your RV outdoor kitchen:

  • Electric coolers: These portable coolers plug into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter or an external power source to keep food and drinks cool without the need for ice.
  • Chest freezers: If you plan on staying in one place for an extended period, a chest freezer can be a lifesaver. They’re energy efficient and offer plenty of space for everything from frozen meals to ice cream.
  • Portable ice makers: Never run out of ice again with a portable ice maker. These compact machines can churn out pounds of ice per day, making them perfect for large families or groups.
  • Cooler/table combos: These clever gadgets double as both a cooler and a tabletop, giving you more prep space while keeping your food and drinks cold.
  • Soft-sided coolers: If space is at a premium in your RV, consider investing in a soft-sided cooler. They’re lightweight and easy to pack away when not in use.

No matter which option you choose, be sure to bring along plenty of reusable ice packs to keep your food at safe temperatures throughout your trip!

Campfire Cooking Gear

As an outdoor enthusiast and avid camper, I know that cooking over a campfire can be both challenging and rewarding. To make the experience even better, here are some campfire cooking gear you’ll want to consider packing for your next RV adventure:

  1. Campfire Grill – A portable grill that allows you to cook meat, veggies and more over an open flame. You’ll need a grill that’s large enough to allow for ample cooking space.
  2. Dutch Oven – A heavy-duty cast iron pot with a tight-fitting lid that’s perfect for slow-cooking stews, casseroles and baked goods over a fire.
  3. Skewers – Long metal skewers for grilling kebabs or roasting marshmallows.
  4. Cast Iron Skillet – A versatile piece of cookware that can be used on an open flame or stove top to fry up bacon, eggs, and other breakfast favorites.
  5. Fire Gloves – Thick gloves that can withstand high temperatures are essential when dealing with hot coals and flames.
  6. Cooking Tongs – Long-handled tongs are perfect for turning meat on the grill or stirring food in a Dutch oven.
  7. Fire Ring/Stove Grate – A sturdy grate or ring that will hold your firewood in place while allowing air flow to keep the flame burning strong.
  8. Aluminum Foil – Perfect for wrapping veggies or meat packets before placing them in the coals of your fire pit.
  9. Cutting Board – Ideally one made of plastic or silicone as they are easier to clean after use in an outdoor kitchen setting.
  10. Portable Cooler – Keep perishable items such as meats and dairy cold while you’re out exploring nature by investing in a high-quality cooler that is easy to transport.

So pack up your RV kitchen with these essentials and enjoy creating delicious meals around the fire on your next camping trip!

Kitchen Utensils And Cookware

As a seasoned RVer, I have learned that having the right kitchen utensils and cookware can make all the difference when it comes to preparing delicious meals on the road. Here are some must-have items for your RV outdoor kitchen:

  1. Cast Iron Skillet: A versatile piece of cookware that can be used on a stove, grill, or over an open flame.
  2. Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls: Perfect for meal prep and mixing ingredients for recipes.
  3. Spatula and Tongs: Essential tools for grilling meats and flipping pancakes.
  4. Chef’s Knife: A sharp knife for slicing fruits, vegetables, and meats with ease.
  5. Cutting Board: Lightweight and easy to store, a cutting board is essential for any meal prep.
  6. Measuring Cups and Spoons: Accurate measuring tools ensure your recipes turn out just right.
  7. Can Opener: Make opening cans of beans or soup a breeze with a sturdy can opener.
  8. Collapsible Colander: Space-saving and perfect for draining pasta or washing fruits and veggies.
  9. Dish Drying Rack: Keep your dishes organized while they dry after cleaning.
  10. Compact Spice Rack: A variety of spices can enhance flavors in any dish, so don’t forget to bring along your favorites!

With these essential kitchen utensils and cookware items, you’ll be ready to whip up delicious meals in your RV outdoor kitchen without sacrificing flavor or convenience!

Eco-Friendly Alternatives

As outdoor enthusiasts, it’s essential to take care of nature while exploring it. That’s why I’m sharing some eco-friendly alternatives for your RV outdoor kitchen:

  1. Use reusable dishes and utensils instead of disposable ones, reducing waste and saving money in the long run.
  2. Opt for cloth napkins or dish towels instead of paper towels or napkins that end up in landfills.
  3. Bring along refillable water bottles or jugs to avoid using single-use plastic bottles.
  4. Try eco – friendly cleaning products such as biodegradable soap and vinegar instead of harsh chemical cleaners that can harm the environment.
  5. Use silicone baking mats instead of parchment paper, which is not recyclable.
  6. Switch to natural charcoal or propane made from renewable sources instead of traditional charcoal that contributes to deforestation.
  7. Choose reusable food storage containers over disposable bags or wrappers, reducing waste on the go.

By incorporating these eco-friendly alternatives into your RV outdoor kitchen routines, you can enjoy delicious meals while reducing your environmental impact and protecting our planet for future generations to come.

Creative Ideas For RV Outdoor Cooking

– Make grilled skewers with vegetables, fruit, and meat for a healthy and flavorful meal.

– Prepare campfire pizza by using pre-made crusts and your favorite toppings for an easy dinner option.

– Create foil-wrapped veggies by adding seasoning to chopped vegetables before wrapping them up in aluminum foil packets and placing them on the grill or campfire.

– Cook hearty Dutch oven meals like stews, chilis, and casseroles using cast iron cookware over an open flame or inside your RV kitchen.

– Use smoker/grill combos to infuse meats with smoky flavor while giving it that crispy texture.

Grilled Skewers

Grilled skewers are a fantastic way to enjoy delicious and healthy meals while camping. Here are some tips for making the most of your grilled skewer meals in your RV outdoor kitchen:

  1. Choose Your Skewer Ingredients: Select ingredients that can withstand the heat and stay put on the skewer, such as small pieces of meat, vegetables, or fruits.
  2. Marinate Your Ingredients: Marinating your food in advance will add flavor and make it more tender.
  3. Preheat Your Grill: Make sure your grill is preheated before placing the skewers on the grill for even cooking.
  4. Keep Turning The Skewers: Turn each skewer regularly to ensure it cooks evenly on all sides.
  5. Avoid Overcooking: Don’t overcook the ingredients; remove them from the grill once they’re golden brown and fully cooked.
  6. Try Different Flavor Combinations: Mix up different flavors by adding a variety of spices or herbs to your marinade.
  7. Use Flat Skewers: Flat skewers keep food from spinning when you turn them, ensuring even cooking.
  8. Clean Your Skewers After Each Use: Clean your used skewers thoroughly after use so that they’re ready for future use and don’t harbor bacteria.

By following these tips, you can easily create healthy and delicious grilled skewer meals in your RV outdoor kitchen while enjoying the great outdoors.

Campfire Pizza

One of the best things about having an RV outdoor kitchen is the ability to make delicious meals while enjoying the great outdoors. One favorite meal that everyone loves is pizza! Here are some tips for making a perfect campfire pizza:

  1. Pre-make your pizza dough at home or buy pre-made dough to save time.
  2. Spread sauce and toppings onto your rolled – out dough before heading out camping.
  3. Bring along a cast – iron skillet or Dutch oven to cook your pizza on the campfire.
  4. Build a good bed of coals, then place your skillet or Dutch oven on top.
  5. Cover with a lid or foil and let it bake for 10 – 15 minutes, until cheese is melted and crust is crispy.
  6. Enjoy your hot and fresh campfire pizza!

Remember to always practice safe fire handling when cooking on a campfire, and never leave it unattended. With these tips, you can easily make a tasty homemade pizza on your next camping trip!

Foil-Wrapped Veggies

Foil-wrapped veggies are a perfect addition to any RV outdoor kitchen. Here’s why:

  • They’re easy to prepare: simply wrap your choice of veggies in foil, add some seasoning and butter, and pop them on the grill or in the campfire.
  • They’re versatile: you can use any combination of vegetables for this dish, from carrots and zucchini to potatoes and onions.
  • Foil-wrapped veggies cook evenly: because they’re cooked in foil, the heat is evenly distributed throughout the vegetables, making for perfectly-cooked veggies every time.
  • Clean-up is a breeze: when you’re finished cooking, simply discard the foil and enjoy your meal without having to worry about cleaning up pots and pans.
  • Eco-friendly alternative to disposable dishes: using foil instead of disposable plates or bowls is an eco-friendly option that reduces waste and makes clean-up easier.

Whether you’re camping with family or friends, foil-wrapped veggies are a delicious and healthy addition to any outdoor meal.

Dutch Oven Meals

One of my favorite ways to cook in my RV outdoor kitchen is by using a Dutch oven. Here are some delicious and easy meal ideas:

  • Classic Chili: Brown ground beef or turkey and add beans, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, onions, bell peppers, and chili powder. Let it simmer for a few hours until the flavors meld together.
  • One-Pot Chicken and Rice: Brown chicken thighs and sauté onions and garlic in the Dutch oven. Add rice, chicken broth, diced tomatoes with green chilies, and seasonings. Cover and let it cook until the rice is tender.
  • Beef Stew: Brown beef cubes and onions in the Dutch oven. Add potatoes, carrots, celery, beef broth, Worcestershire sauce, bay leaves, thyme, salt, and pepper. Simmer for a few hours until the beef is tender.
  • Peach Cobbler: Melt butter in the Dutch oven and add sliced peaches with sugar and cinnamon. In a separate bowl, mix flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, milk, and vanilla extract. Pour the batter over the peaches and bake for about 45 minutes.

Using a Dutch oven can save space on your stove since it can be used both on the stove top or over an open fire. Plus cleanup is a breeze! Don’t forget to season your Dutch oven before cooking to ensure food doesn’t stick to it while cooking.

Smoker/Grill Combos

When it comes to outdoor cooking, having a smoker/grill combo is an excellent addition to your RV kitchen. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Versatility: A smoker/grill combo allows you to smoke your meats and grill your vegetables all in one compact package.
  2. Space-Saving: With limited space in an RV, having a multi-purpose appliance that combines two cooking methods can save you valuable counter and storage space.
  3. Easy to Use: Many smoker/grill combos come with convenient features such as digital temperature controls and easy-to-clean grates.
  4. Flavorful Meals: Smoking meat infuses it with delicious flavor while grilling adds a nice charred taste. With a combo appliance, you can achieve both flavors on the same dish!
  5. Perfect for Large Gatherings: If you plan on hosting outdoor gatherings at your RV site, having a smoker/grill combo can make meal prep much easier and more enjoyable for everyone.
  6. Affordable Options Available: There are plenty of affordable options on the market that offer high-quality smoking and grilling capabilities without breaking the bank.

With a smoker/grill combo, you’ll have everything you need to cook up delicious meals and impress your fellow travelers at the campground!

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

In conclusion, having an RV outdoor kitchen can be a game-changer for your camping and travel experiences. By applying these clever tips and hacks, you’ll be able to cook delicious meals with ease while enjoying the great outdoors.

From compact gadgets to eco-friendly dining alternatives, there’s something for everyone in this guide.


1. What are some clever RV outdoor kitchen hacks for cooking?

To enhance your experience when cooking in an RV outdoor kitchen, consider using a portable induction cooktop, investing in a countertop grill or griddle, utilizing magnetic spice racks and storage containers to save on space, and using silicone muffin cups as versatile cookware.

2. How can I keep my food fresh while cooking outside?

A great way to ensure freshness is to use a small refrigerator or cooler with ice packs to store perishable items like meat and dairy until ready for preparation. It’s also helpful to plan meals ahead of time so you know which ingredients will need proper storage.

3. How do I make sure my outdoor kitchen stays clean during meal prep?

Use disposable plates and utensils when possible, have plenty of paper towels on hand, and make use of designated cleaning supplies such as disinfectant wipes or spray cleaner with microfiber cloths nearby for quick cleanups during meal prep.

4. Can I use propane gas in my RV outdoor kitchen?

It’s important to check with the manufacturer specifications before using propane gas in your RV outdoor kitchen since not all rigs may be equipped for this type of fuel source . If your vehicle is able to accommodate propane tanks outdoors though – there are many benefits including quicker heating times due decreased energy transfer loss (as compared electro-magnetic sources) along lower overall maintenance costs over time through reduced reliance upon electricity sources than other types such as electric ranges/ovens available at campsites/parks/etcetera where rig connections eliminate these variables from equation entirely!

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