Smart Pop Up Camper Storage Ideas: Space-Saving Solutions

Discover clever and space-saving ideas for your pop-up camper storage! Our blog post is packed with practical hacks and DIY solutions to optimize your living quarters.

Martin Cole // Expert in RV Living & Outdoor Adventure

That’s where smart storage solutions come into play! In this blog post, we’ll explore creative and innovative ideas to maximize the available area in your camper without sacrificing functionality or style.

Key Takeaways

  • Pop-up campers can present storage challenges due to their limited space and awkward shapes. However, smart storage solutions such as utilizing vertical wall space, overhead compartments, under-bed storage options, drawer dividers, collapsible or foldable containers, and multifunctional furniture can help maximize every inch of available space.
  • Repurposing everyday items like shower caddies and shoe organizers can contribute to a clutter – free living area. Hooks, magnets and tension rods are simple yet effective tools for organizing smaller items within the camper.
  • Proper maintenance is key to keeping a pop-up camper mold-free. By implementing these smart storage ideas above, you’ll not only make your life on the road more enjoyable but also keep your belongings organized and easily accessible wherever your travels may take you!

The Challenges Of Storage In A Pop Up Camper

Limited space and awkward shapes and sizes make organizing a pop up camper storage area a challenge.

Limited Space

One of the most common challenges faced by outdoor enthusiasts and travel lovers when it comes to pop up campers is the limited space available for storing belongings.

Even though these compact campers have gained popularity due to their versatility, ease of towing, and affordability, they often fall short in providing ample storage for essentials such as food supplies, clothing, cooking utensils, and other travel necessities.

To address this issue effectively and make our journeys more enjoyable, we should focus on clever ways to create additional storage spaces without affecting overall comfort or livability.

For instance, I once used large plastic bins with lids under my bed to store linens and extra clothes while keeping them dust-free. By embracing smart storage ideas like utilizing vertical wall space with hooks or shelves can help free up much-needed countertop areas for meal preparation or simply enjoying a cup of coffee comfortably inside your cozy camper retreat during rainy days outdoors.

Awkward Shapes And Sizes

As any pop up camper owner can attest, storage space can be a major challenge due to the awkward shapes and sizes of items that need storing. From camp chairs and folding tables to cooking utensils and bedding, everything needs a place in your limited area.

But with some creativity and smart thinking, you can make the most out of every inch available. For instance, using vertical wall space is one approach that not only maximizes floor area but also adds visual interest to your camper’s interior.

Overhead storage solutions are another great way to store lighter items such as linens, towels or clothing while keeping them easily accessible whenever needed.

Top Smart Storage Solutions For Pop Up Campers

Maximizing every inch of space is crucial in a pop-up camper, and these top smart storage solutions can help you make the most out of your tiny home on wheels. From overhead compartments to under-bed storage options, vertical wall spaces to multifunctional furniture pieces, this section will give you plenty of ideas for optimizing your camper’s living space.

Overhead Storage Solutions

I highly recommend utilizing the often overlooked overhead space in your pop up camper. Here are some ideas:

  1. Hanging storage organizers: These are perfect for storing clothes, towels, and other lightweight items. They can hang from hooks or curtain rods and come in various sizes and styles.
  2. Magnetic spice rack: Save valuable counter and cabinet space by installing a magnetic spice rack on the inside of a cabinet door or on a wall.
  3. Netted shelves: These can be hung from the ceiling of your camper to create extra storage space for books, games, and other miscellaneous items.
  4. Ceiling-mounted cargo net: Securely store lighter items like bedding, pillows or jackets on a ceiling-mounted cargo net that stretches across the length of your camper.
  5. Overhead cabinets: Install overhead cabinets above your seating area or bed to store clothing, cooking essentials and other necessities.

By using these overhead storage solutions, you’ll free up floor space while also keeping your belongings organized and easily accessible while on-the-go!

Utilize Vertical Wall Space

One of the smartest ways to create more storage in a pop-up camper is to use vertical wall space. Here are some ideas:

  • Install shelves or cubbies on the walls above the beds or seating areas to hold books, electronics, and other small items.
  • Hang hooks or baskets on the walls to store hats, jackets, and other outerwear.
  • Use a hanging organizer with pockets for shoes, toiletries, or other smaller items that tend to get lost in drawers.
  • Mount a paper towel holder or magazine rack on a wall to keep those items within reach but off flat surfaces.
  • Consider installing a pegboard or magnetic strip on a wall where you can hang frequently used tools or cooking utensils.

By utilizing vertical space, you can free up valuable floor space and make your pop-up camper feel less cluttered.

Under-bed Storage Options

If you’re looking for ways to maximize the space in your pop-up camper, don’t forget about under-bed storage! Here are some practical ideas:

  • Use plastic bins with lids that can slide easily under the bed. Look for clear containers so you can easily see what’s inside.
  • Consider vacuum – sealed storage bags for bedding and clothing. These will shrink down to a fraction of their original size and can be stacked neatly under the bed.
  • If your bed platform is hinged or on lifts, consider installing drawers underneath. This will allow easier access to your belongings and make packing up a breeze.
  • Utilize hanging organizers that hang from the bottom of the bed frame. These can hold shoes, clothes, or any other items you want to keep off the floor.
  • Invest in modular stacking crates that can be configured in different ways depending on your needs.

By thinking creatively about under-bed storage options, you’ll be able to free up more space and keep your pop-up camper organized and tidy during all your adventures.

Drawer Dividers For Better Organization

As someone who has spent extensive time living on the road in a pop-up camper, I know firsthand how quickly things can become disorganized. That’s why one of my top space-saving solutions for pop-up campers is using drawer dividers. They are an effortless and affordable way to keep everything in your drawers neat and tidy. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Separation: With drawer dividers, you can divide items into categories such as cooking utensils, cutlery, or stationery. This not only saves space but keeps everything easy to find.
  • Protection: Drawer dividers also protect breakable or sharp items from rubbing together and potentially causing damage.
  • Easy Access: You won’t have to rummage through disorganized drawers looking for items because they will all be within reach.
  • Customizable: You can purchase pre-made drawer dividers or make your own using materials like cardboard or foam core board.

Overall, drawer dividers help with creating an organized and efficient storage solution in a pop-up camper. No more digging through cluttered drawers trying to find what you need!

The Use Of Collapsible Or Foldable Storage Containers

As someone who has spent quite a bit of time on the road in my pop up camper, I can tell you that collapsible or foldable storage containers are a game-changer. Here are some reasons why:

  • They take up minimal space when not in use, which is crucial when every inch counts in your camper.
  • You can easily pack them away in your vehicle or store them under your bed when you’re not using them.
  • These types of containers come in various sizes and shapes, allowing for versatility when it comes to storing different items.
  • They are lightweight and easy to transport, making them ideal for those who like to switch up their campsite location frequently.

Some popular options for collapsible or foldable storage containers include fabric bins with sturdy bases, silicone containers that flatten down when empty, and mesh laundry baskets that collapse flat. Regardless of which style you choose, adding some collapsible storage solutions to your pop up camper will help keep clutter at bay and make your life on the road much more enjoyable.

Multifunctional Furniture

As a seasoned camper, I have learned that space is always a premium, and multifunctional furniture can make all the difference. Here are some great examples to consider:

  • A sofa bed with storage underneath
  • A dining table that also converts into a work desk or bed
  • A fold – down bunk bed that doubles as a couch during the day
  • Ottoman with hidden storage for bedding or other items
  • A coffee table that transforms into a dining table or workspace
  • A combination shower/toilet unit with built – in shelving or cabinets
  • Storage ottomans or benches that double as seating options

By incorporating multifunctional furniture into your pop-up camper’s design, you can maximize available space while still living comfortably on the road.

DIY Storage Hacks For Pop Up Campers

Get creative with repurposing everyday items, such as shower caddies for toiletries and hanging shoe organizers for small clothing items. Keep frequently used items within reach by utilizing hooks, magnets, and tension rods in strategic areas throughout the camper.

Repurposing Everyday Items

As a savvy pop-up camper owner, one of the best ways to save money and add character to your home-on-wheels is by repurposing everyday items. Here are some creative ideas to get you started:

  1. Use an old ladder as a multi – level storage unit for blankets, towels, or shoes.
  2. Turn an old shower caddy into a hanging herb garden for your kitchen area.
  3. Reuse mason jars as drinking glasses and small item organizers.
  4. Upcycle cardboard boxes by wrapping them in contact paper and using them as sturdy storage containers.
  5. Transform a wine rack into a towel holder for your bathroom area.
  6. Use shoe organizers as additional pantry storage.
  7. Turn an old file holder into a vertical mail organizer or stand for your favorite books.

By thinking outside the box and looking at everyday items in new ways, you can take advantage of affordable storage solutions that also add personality and charm to your pop-up camper space.

Creative Use Of Hooks, Magnets, And Tension Rods

I’ve found that utilizing hooks, magnets, and tension rods can work wonders when it comes to organizing and maximizing space in a pop-up camper. Here are some creative ways to use these simple but effective tools:

  • Hooks: Hang up your coats, towels, or hats with adhesive hooks. You can also use shower curtain hooks to hang up utensils or small items.
  • Magnets: Use magnetic strips or sheets to attach knives, spices, or other metal objects to the side of your camper’s appliances or walls.
  • Tension rods: Place tension rods underneath overhead cabinets and shelves to hang up cups, mugs, or even shoes.

These small additions can make a big difference in freeing up floor space and keeping items organized. Plus, they’re easy to install and remove without damaging any surfaces in your camper.

Custom-built Storage Solutions

When it comes to maximizing storage in your pop-up camper, sometimes the best solution is a custom-built one. Here are some DIY storage ideas that can be tailored to fit your specific needs:

  • Build a shelving unit that fits inside an awkward corner or alcove where standard furniture won’t fit.
  • Install a slide – out pantry shelf that utilizes otherwise wasted space between appliances or cabinets.
  • Build your own fold – down table or desk that can be stored away when not in use to free up floor space.
  • Customize drawers to fit specific items, such as utensils, spices, or toiletries.
  • Add hooks and shelves to the walls for versatile storage options that can be moved around as needed.

With a little bit of creativity and some basic woodworking skills, you can create storage solutions that perfectly suit your pop-up camper and make life on the road more comfortable and organized.

Creative Food And Clothing Storage Solutions For Your Pop-Up Camper

To keep your food and clothing organized in a pop-up camper, consider installing cabinet organizers, hanging organizers and baskets, magnetic spice racks, stackable containers, and vacuum-sealed bags for bedding and clothes.

Cabinet Organizers

As someone who has spent a lot of time traveling in my pop up camper, I can tell you that cabinet organization is key to maximizing your storage space. Here are some cabinet organizer solutions you might find helpful for your next trip:

  • Add shelves: Many cabinets in pop up campers come with just one built-in shelf, leaving a lot of wasted vertical space. By adding additional shelves to your cabinets, you can increase the amount of items you’re able to store.
  • Use wire racks and baskets: If you have deep cabinets with lots of empty space, wire racks or baskets can help create levels and compartments within the cabinet. This makes it easier to find what you need without having to dig through piles of items.
  • Install pull-out drawers: Instead of trying to reach into deep cabinets, consider installing pull-out drawers that slide out like kitchen drawers. This will allow you to easily access all items stored within the drawer.
  • Utilize door storage: The inside of cabinet doors are often overlooked as potential storage spaces. By attaching hooks or small baskets, you can use this otherwise unused area for storing small items like spices, utensils or cleaning supplies.

With these simple cabinet organizer solutions, you’ll be able to store more items in your pop up camper without taking up too much valuable space!

Magnetic Spice Racks

I love to cook, and spices are a crucial part of any recipe. However, space can be a problem in a pop-up camper kitchen. Magnetic spice racks are an excellent solution for keeping your spices organized and easily accessible.

  • Use magnetic containers that can stick to any metallic surface in your camper.
  • You can also use magnetic holders or boards to organize multiple spice containers.
  • To save even more space, consider combining a magnetic spice rack with other hanging storage solutions like hooks or baskets.
  • Magnetic spice racks are affordable and easy to find online or at most home goods stores.
  • Bring only the essential spices with you on your trip and keep them in your magnetic spice rack. This will help reduce clutter and free up more space for other items in your camper kitchen.

Remember, staying organized is key when living in a small space like a pop-up camper. Magnetic spice racks not only provide practical storage solutions but also add some style and flair to your kitchen area. So, make sure you invest in one before hitting the road!

Hanging Organizers And Baskets

One of the smartest ways to utilize vertical space in your pop-up camper is by using hanging organizers and baskets. These are great for storing items that you need easy access to, such as toiletries, snacks, and smaller clothing items.

Here are some hanging organizer and basket ideas to consider:

  • Hanging shoe organizers can be used for more than just shoes. They make great storage for small toys, craft supplies, and office accessories.
  • Mesh shower caddies can be hung from a hook or towel bar to store toiletries and keep them off the limited counter space.
  • Canvas hanging organizers with multiple compartments are perfect for organizing clothing items like socks, underwear, and t-shirts.
  • Woven baskets with handles can be hung from ceiling hooks or cabinet doors to hold snacks or other grab-and-go items.
  • Hanging fruit baskets can serve double – duty as an organization tool and a decoration.

By using these hanging storage solutions, you can maximize your pop-up camper’s vertical space while keeping everything organized and easily accessible.

Stackable Containers

One of the best ways to save space and keep your belongings organized in a pop-up camper is by using stackable containers. Here are some tips on how to effectively use these containers:

  • Choose lightweight, durable plastic containers with secure lids to prevent items from falling out during travel.
  • Stack them in a corner or under a table for easy access to frequently used items.
  • Label each container clearly to make it easy to find what you need quickly.
  • Use clear containers so that you can see the contents without having to open them all up.
  • Use nesting bins of different sizes that can stack inside one another when not in use.

With these simple tips, you can take advantage of stacking containers for efficient storage solutions in your pop-up camper living experience.

Vacuum-sealed Bags For Clothing And Bedding

I highly recommend using vacuum-sealed bags to save space and protect your clothing and bedding from moisture, dust, and pests. Here are some reasons why:

  • These bags compress items up to 80%, maximizing your storage space.
  • The airtight and waterproof seal keeps your clothes and linens dry and clean.
  • They are easy to use – simply place your items in the bag, seal it, and use a vacuum or pump to remove the air.
  • They come in various sizes, so you can choose the right one for your needs.
  • You can find them at most camping or home stores.

Using vacuum-sealed bags will not only save you space but also make packing and unpacking easier as well. Plus, you won’t have to worry about damp or musty-smelling clothes when you’re on the road. Give them a try!

Maintenance And Care For Pop Up Camper Storage

To keep your pop-up camper storage in top condition, regularly clean and organize the space using mild disinfectant wipes or sprays. Check for signs of mold and mildew, which can develop over time due to excess moisture and improper ventilation, and address promptly with specialized cleaning products.

Proper Cleaning And Organization Techniques

Keeping your pop-up camper clean and organized is essential for maximizing space and creating a comfortable living environment. Here are some tips on how to maintain proper cleaning and organization:

  1. Always put items back in their designated storage spot after use
  2. Wipe down surfaces with a damp cloth regularly to prevent dust buildup
  3. Use vacuum – sealed bags for bedding, clothing, and other soft items to save space
  4. Keep cleaning supplies readily available in a designated spot
  5. Regularly inspect storage areas for mold or mildew growth
  6. Use collapsible storage containers to keep items contained and easily accessible
  7. Tackle one area at a time when reorganizing to avoid feeling overwhelmed
  8. Utilize drawer dividers or organizers to separate small items like utensils or toiletries
  9. Avoid overpacking and bringing unnecessary items on your trip.
  10. Clean up spills immediately to prevent stains and odors from setting in.

By following these simple cleaning and organizational techniques, you can enjoy a clutter-free living space while on the road with your pop-up camper!

Inspection For Mold And Mildew

As someone who has spent plenty of time living on the road in my pop up camper, I understand how essential it is to keep your living space mold and mildew-free. Over time, these unsightly fungi can grow in moist areas and cause serious health problems.

One way to do this is by using a flashlight and closely examining any dark, damp corners such as under sinks or around windows. If you notice any black or green spots growing on surfaces like walls or fabrics, take action quickly by cleaning with a bleach solution or purchasing an anti-microbial spray made specifically for RVs.

Additionally, ensure proper ventilation by opening windows frequently to allow fresh air circulation throughout the camper.

Storing Properly During Off-season

When the camping season is over, it’s important to properly store your pop-up camper to ensure that it stays in good shape until the next season. Before storing, make sure to clean out any debris and wipe down all surfaces.

To prevent mold and mildew growth during off-season storage, it’s a good idea to invest in some moisture absorbers or desiccants that can be placed throughout the interior of your camper.

If you’re storing your pop-up camper outside, consider investing in a cover or tarp to protect it from the elements.

Properly storing your pop-up camper during off-season not only helps protect its longevity but also ensures a smooth start for your next adventure come camping season!


In conclusion, optimizing storage in a pop-up camper is all about getting creative and maximizing every inch of space available. Whether it’s utilizing overhead storage solutions or custom-built storage containers, there are plenty of ways to make the most out of your small living quarters.

Don’t be afraid to get DIY with drawer dividers or repurposing everyday items for organization. And remember, proper maintenance and care is essential for keeping your camper clutter-free and mold-free.


1. What are some common storage challenges when traveling in a pop-up camper?

Traveling in a pop-up camper can present unique storage challenges due to the limited space available inside. Common challenges include finding enough room for clothing, food, bedding, and other necessities while maintaining an organized and clutter-free living area.

2. How can I maximize storage space inside my pop-up camper?

There are several smart storage solutions that can help you maximize the limited space available in your pop-up camper. These include using vertical shelving units, adding under-bed storage boxes or drawers, utilizing hanging organizers for toiletries and accessories, and installing wall-mounted hooks or racks to keep items off the floor.

3. Are there any specific types of items that need special storage considerations in a pop-up camper?

Certain items such as propane tanks, batteries, and gas cans require special consideration when it comes to storing them safely in a pop-up camper. It’s important to follow manufacturer guidelines for these items’ proper placement and ventilation within your vehicle.

4. How do I maintain organization and cleanliness within my pop-up camper with minimal effort?

Maintaining organization is crucial when traveling on extended trips in a small living space like a pop-up camper. A few easy tips for keeping things tidy include investing in collapsible crates or bins for laundry and dishes; using multi-purpose cleaning products instead of carrying individual cleaners for each surface type; implementing daily routines such as tidying up before bed each night; and packing only what’s essential to cut down on clutter from the start.

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