Top 5 Fifth Wheel Floor Plans with Decks: Enjoy Outdoor Living on Your RV Adventure

Take your RV lifestyle to the next level with our expertly curated selection of fifth wheel floor plans boasting amazing outdoor decking options – dive in now!

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Tackling on an RV adventure offers the unique opportunity to combine the comforts of home with the freedom of outdoor living. One way to enhance your on-the-road experience is by investing in a fifth-wheel floor plan equipped with its very own deck.

In this blog, we will take you through our top five recommendations for luxurious and spacious fifth wheels featuring patio decks perfect for entertaining, relaxing or simply enjoying nature’s beauty while exploring new destinations.

Key Takeaways

  1. Owning a fifth wheel with a deck provides increased living space, enhanced entertaining and relaxation options, improved views of nature, and the potential for higher resale value.
  2. The top 5 fifth wheel floor plans with decks include: Grand Design Solitude 375RES-R, Forest River Cedar Creek Cottage 40CCK, Keystone Montana 3855BR, Jayco North Point 377RLBH and Heartland Bighorn 3950FL.
  3. When choosing a model, consider the size and layout of the deck as well as its quality construction materials to ensure maximum enjoyment of your outdoor living experience.
  4. Features such as built – in grills or fire pits available on some models enhance entertainment possibilities while spending more time outdoors promotes healthy habits like fresh air and sunshine exposure during RV travel adventures.

The Benefits Of Owning A Fifth Wheel With A Deck

Owning a fifth wheel with a deck offers increased living space, enhanced entertainment and relaxation options, improved views and access to nature, and the potential for increased resale value.

Increased Living Space

One of the most significant advantages of owning a fifth wheel with a deck is the increased living space it provides for your outdoor adventures. A spacious, well-designed deck allows you and your loved ones to comfortably enjoy an alfresco dining experience or simply unwind after an exciting day exploring nearby trails.

For instance, imagine yourself touring the magnificent national parks in a high-end Keystone Montana 3855BR fifth wheel, featuring its impressive rear patio boasting ample room for lounging and socializing.

After spending a day exploring Grand Teton National Park’s pristine lakes and rugged mountain peaks, returning to such luxurious accommodations will allow you to continue enjoying nature from the comfort of your personal outdoor oasis.

Enhanced Entertaining And Relaxation Options

One of the biggest draws to owning a fifth wheel with a deck is the enhanced entertaining and relaxation options it provides. With a spacious outdoor living area, you can host dinners, cocktail parties, or simply kick back and relax in your favorite chair while enjoying the beautiful scenery around you.

Plus, with features such as built-in grills or fire pits available on some models, cooking outside becomes a breeze. Picture gathering around the fire pit with your loved ones after a long day of exploring nature – that’s memories in the making.

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Improved Views And Access To Nature

One of the biggest draws for RV living is the ability to immerse oneself in nature. Owning a fifth wheel with a deck allows you to take advantage of natural surroundings and soak in stunning views without ever having to leave your campsite.

Whether it’s watching a sunrise or sunset, birdwatching, stargazing, or simply enjoying the fresh air, having a deck on your fifth wheel provides an unparalleled connection to the outdoors.

Not only can you enjoy beautiful scenery from the comfort of your own space, but you also have easy access to nearby hiking trails and outdoor recreational activities that are just steps away from your doorstep.

Increased Resale Value

One of the many benefits of investing in a fifth wheel with a deck is that it can boost your RV’s resale value. The addition of an outdoor living space not only increases the overall square footage, but also adds desirable features that future buyers may be looking for.

Additionally, decks are often constructed using durable materials that can withstand harsh elements, which means they require less maintenance over time compared to other parts of the RV.

This translates into cost savings and less hassle for future owners down the line.

Top 5 Fifth Wheel Floor Plans With Decks For Outdoor Living

Ready to elevate your RV adventure? Check out our top 5 fifth wheel floor plans with decks for ultimate outdoor living experiences. From spacious layouts to stunning design features, these luxury RVs offer everything you need to enjoy the great outdoors while still maintaining a comfortable and stylish on-the-road lifestyle.

Grand Design Solitude 375RES-R

The Grand Design Solitude 375RES-R is a luxury fifth wheel camper with an impressive outdoor living space. This model features a large deck at the back, which provides ample room for hosting BBQs and enjoying breathtaking views of nature.

The deck’s size ensures that you can fit all your patio furniture and equipment, like grills and coolers. With its open design, this fifth wheel offers plenty of natural light that creates an inviting atmosphere throughout the interior.

It also boasts high-quality materials from comfortable furniture to state-of-the-art appliances, which makes it ideal for anyone seeking comfort and style on their RV adventure.

Forest River Cedar Creek Cottage 40CCK

The Forest River Cedar Creek Cottage 40CCK is a spacious and luxurious fifth wheel floor plan that offers the perfect combination of indoor and outdoor living.

The unique feature of this model is its expansive deck located at the rear, providing stunning views of your surroundings while enjoying the fresh air. With a length of just over 40 feet, this unit can comfortably accommodate up to six people with its three slide-outs, two bedrooms, and full-sized bathroom.

The interior boasts top-quality amenities such as stainless steel appliances, solid surface countertops, and theatre seating for ultimate relaxation after an adventurous day.

Keystone Montana 3855BR

The Keystone Montana 3855BR is a fifth wheel floor plan that offers ample space for outdoor living with its large deck. This luxury camper has a spacious interior, perfect for families seeking adventure or retirees exploring the nomadic lifestyle.

The deck provides enhanced views and easy access to nature while also offering entertaining options like an outdoor kitchen and dining area. Additionally, this particular model has an impressive storage capacity, making it perfect for those traveling with larger groups or looking to bring along plenty of gear for their outdoor excursions.

Jayco North Point 377RLBH

One of the best fifth wheel floor plans with a deck for outdoor living is the Jayco North Point 377RLBH. The RV boasts an expansive rear living area that provides ample space to relax and entertain, complete with a large sofa and theater-style seating.

In addition to its luxurious interiors, this fifth wheel comes equipped with an exterior patio awning that extends your living space to the great outdoors.

With enough room for chairs, tables, or even a portable grill, you can enjoy al fresco dining while taking in stunning views from your campsite.

Heartland Bighorn 3950FL

If you’re looking for a top-quality camper with an expansive deck, the Heartland Bighorn 3950FL could be your perfect match. This luxurious fifth wheel offers both comfort and practicality, making it ideal for families or those who enjoy entertaining guests on their RV adventures.

The large front living room features comfortable seating arrangements and a fireplace, while the rear bedroom provides privacy and relaxation. The most striking feature of this model is its spectacular forward-facing deck that extends from the living area out to the great outdoors offering endless opportunities for outdoor recreation and cooking up delicious meals on open fires or grills.

Features To Consider When Choosing A Fifth Wheel With A Deck

Consider the size, materials, accessibility, and additional amenities of a fifth wheel deck when making your choice to enhance your outdoor living experience on an RV adventure.

Deck Size And Layout

When choosing a fifth wheel floor plan with a deck, the size and layout of the deck should be one of your top considerations. A larger deck can provide more space for outdoor living, while a smaller one may be more manageable if you have limited towing capacity.

Additionally, consider whether you want a front or rear-facing deck, as well as how it will integrate with the rest of the RV’s design.

One example of an excellent fifth wheel floor plan with a spacious deck is Grand Design Solitude 375RES-R. This model features an expansive back deck that includes an exterior kitchenette complete with sink and refrigerator and enjoys uninterrupted views of nature.

Deck Materials And Construction Quality

When choosing a fifth wheel with a deck, it’s important to consider the materials and construction quality of the deck itself. First and foremost, the deck should be made from durable and weather-resistant materials such as composite or treated wood.

In addition to considering the type of material used for your deck, it’s also important to pay attention to its construction quality. Look for decks that are built with sturdy framing and proper supports to ensure safety and stability while you’re enjoying your outdoor space.

Ultimately, investing in a fifth wheel floor plan with a high-quality deck can enhance your RV adventure by providing additional living space and opportunities for relaxation outdoors.

Deck Accessibility And Additional Amenities

When choosing a fifth wheel with a deck, it’s crucial to consider accessibility and additional amenities. Some models have decks that are easily accessible from the main living area, while others require navigating stairs or moving furniture to access.

For example, the Grand Design Solitude 375RES-R has an impressive rear living room layout with a spacious upper deck that comes equipped with an exterior kitchen and entertainment center.

When considering deck accessibility and additional amenities, think about how you plan to use your fifth wheel and what features will enhance your experience on the road.

Compatibility With Your Vehicle

Choosing a fifth wheel with a deck entails more than just considering its size and amenities. You also need to make sure that it is compatible with your vehicle, especially if you plan to pull the trailer yourself.

For instance, some fifth wheels require extended bed trucks while others can be towed by short bed trucks without sacrificing turning radius or stability. Similarly, choosing the right hitch system can optimize weight distribution and reduce sway while providing a comfortable ride for passengers.

Interior Amenities

The interior of your fifth wheel is just as essential as the outdoor living space. When looking for a fifth wheel with a deck, it’s important to consider the amenities inside that will make your experience comfortable and enjoyable.

Some top features to look out for include ample storage space, cozy furniture, high-quality appliances, spacious bathrooms with showers and bathtubs, efficient heating and cooling systems, entertainment centers such as HDTVs or sound systems.

You want an interior that combines luxury and function so you can enjoy the comforts of home while exploring nature on your RV adventure.

For example: If you are traveling as a family or full-time RVer who loves cooking meals from scratch rather than going out all the time (which can get expensive), you may prioritize ample counter space in the kitchen area where you can prep food comfortably.

Moreover houses/apartments typically have different living spaces like bedrooms dining room etc., so when picking an RV ensure that these spaces are suitable for all members of your camping party – whether they be children or pets – based on their particular needs.

Enhancing Your Outdoor Living Experience

Make the most of your Fifth Wheel with a Deck by taking advantage of these simple yet effective ways to enhance your outdoor living experience. From standalone decks to fire pits, our tips will help you create an oasis wherever you travel.

Standalone Decks

Standalone decks can add even more outdoor living space to your fifth wheel and give you a private area to relax or entertain guests. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Look for standalone deck kits that are pre-built and easy to assemble, so you can enjoy your outdoor space sooner.
  • Consider the dimensions of the deck and make sure it fits in your desired location alongside your RV.
  • Choose high – quality materials for durability, such as composite decking or treated lumber.
  • Add features like stairs, railings, and seating to complete the look and functionality of your deck.
  • Use plants and décor to make the space feel cozy and inviting.
  • Remember to check with campgrounds or RV parks beforehand if they allow standalone decks before making any permanent installations.

Portable Grills And Outdoor Furniture

One of the best ways to enhance your outdoor living experience in your fifth wheel with a deck is by investing in portable grills and outdoor furniture. Here are some options to consider:

  1. Portable Grills – Many RVers prefer portable grills that run on propane or charcoal, as they’re easy to use and transport. Look for models that fold up for storage and have removable grill plates for easy cleaning on the road.
  2. Outdoor Dining Tables and Chairs – A sturdy outdoor dining table and a set of comfortable chairs can turn your deck into an alfresco dining room. Consider models made of lightweight materials like aluminum or plastic, which are easy to move around.
  3. Hammocks and Lounge Chairs – Relaxing outdoors is essential when you’re on an RV adventure, so invest in a hammock or two, or some comfortable lounge chairs that can be easily stored inside your fifth wheel when not in use.
  4. Folding Tables and Chairs – If you plan to entertain guests, folding tables and chairs are great options that can be easily stowed away after use. Consider models made of lightweight materials like aluminum, which will make it easier to move around.
  5. Outdoor Rugs – Adding an outdoor rug can add color and comfort underfoot while also protecting your deck from scratches and damage caused by outdoor furniture.

Investing in high-quality portable grills and outdoor furniture can truly transform your fifth wheel with a deck into the ultimate outdoor living space for all the adventures ahead.

Canopies And Awnings

Canopies and Awnings are essential accessories for any Fifth Wheel with a deck, especially for those who love spending time outdoors. They provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays and shelter from unexpected rain showers, allowing you to enjoy your patio deck in comfort and convenience. Here are some things to consider when choosing canopies and awnings for your RV adventure:

  • Size: Ensure that the canopy or awning fits your Fifth Wheel floor plan’s deck size and configuration.
  • Material: Look for durable, high-quality fabric that is resistant to tears, stains, fading, and mildew.
  • Ease of Use: Canopies or awnings should be easy to set up and take down without any hassle. Look for models with smooth operation mechanisms.
  • Wind Resistance: Make sure the canopy or awning is sturdy enough to withstand windy conditions. Some models come with tie-downs or support poles to keep them secure.
  • Style: Choose a design that complements your Fifth Wheel’s exterior, whether it’s a traditional striped pattern or a modern solid color.

Investing in canopies and awnings can enhance your outdoor living experience on RV adventures significantly. They offer privacy, shade, shelter from the elements while making a stylish addition to your luxury fifth wheel camper.

Fire Pits And Outdoor Heating

When the temperature drops, having outdoor heating options such as fire pits can make all the difference in extending your time outside. Here are some ideas to consider for your fifth wheel with a deck:

  1. Propane Fire Pit – Portable propane fire pits are an excellent option because they’re easy to move and use. They don’t produce smoke, so you don’t have to worry about it drifting into neighboring campsites.
  2. Wood Fire Pit – A wood-burning fire pit provides that authentic campfire feeling while also keeping you warm. Make sure your fifth wheel has a safe spot for a wood-burning fire pit before investing in one.
  3. Patio Heaters – If you want more heat without the flames, patio heaters are a good choice. They come in electric or propane-powered options and can mount on the deck railing or be freestanding.
  4. Outdoor Fireplace – For a real wow-factor, consider installing an outdoor fireplace on your fifth wheel’s deck. Not only will it provide warmth but it’ll also add ambiance to your outdoor living space.
  5. Heating Lamps – If you want something low-profile and easy to use, heating lamps might be what you need. They emit infrared heat waves that warm people and objects directly, rather than heating the air.

No matter which outdoor heating option you choose, remember to always prioritize safety when using them on your fifth wheel’s deck. Keep flammable materials away from open flames and follow all manufacturer instructions for proper use and maintenance of equipment.

Conclusion: Enjoy The Best Of Both Worlds With A Fifth Wheel Floor Plan With A Deck

In conclusion, owning a fifth wheel floor plan with a deck is the perfect way to embrace the outdoors and enjoy your RV adventure to the fullest. With increased living space, enhanced entertaining options, improved views of nature, and higher resale value, it’s no wonder why these top 5 fifth wheel floor plans are so sought after.

When choosing your model, don’t forget to consider features such as deck size and construction quality for maximum enjoyment.


1. What are fifth wheel floor plans with decks?

Fifth wheel floor plans with decks are recreational vehicles that feature a deck attached to the rear of the unit, providing an outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining while on your RV adventure.

2. Why should I consider a fifth wheel floor plan with a deck?

If you enjoy spending time outdoors and want to make the most out of your camping experience, adding a deck to your RV is an excellent addition. It gives you extra living space and allows you to take in scenic views without leaving the comfort of your own home on wheels.

3. What features should I look for when choosing a fifth wheel floor plan with a deck?

When selecting the perfect fifth-wheel RV with a deck, there are several factors to consider such as size and layout, location of the deck (front or rear), storage capacity available, slide-outs (pop-outs) for added interior roominess, privacy options if needed and proximity if amenities which can make cramped quarters feel more spacious.

4. How much does it cost to purchase a fifth-wheel RV with decks?

The price range can vary widely depending upon various factors such as brand name or manufacturer; size; level amenities included (appliances like fridges/freezers & ovens/microwaves); fuel sources used so be sure shop around before making final decision regarding which one best suits lifestyle goals!

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